Cloud Disk Server as a Sales Advertisement Distributer


I just got a nice business able speed Verizon fiber connection at my house. I have home zoning for small business use here. My goal is to provide a microdatacenter that has a viable benefit.

My system plan is to simply sell a NAS service to customers. The DL series has anonymous users allowed I believe. FTP users. The goal is to not allow the mandatory cloud interface applications. I want customers that can provide enticing file downloads by ftp. I would use ftp as the basic interface only.

One direct question I have is how many anonymous users are concurrently allowed on the DL nas?

The customer is to supply enticing pdf advertisement files along side of the intentional goal files. These would be gziped all together. Curiosity should make the average person look at the pdf advertisements. These files could also be html pages.

The basic quandary of the cloud is a fast changing new operating layer on the access computer. Azure is the only functional implementation of proper cloud os design.

My goal is a simply ftp to obviate the use of cloud applications. Western digital has nicely created a hybrid allowed server.

The customer costing plan is to have me buy the DL server and pay a constant monthly fee. I have to refinish a proper cabinetmakers building here to fully initiate the microdatacenter. It fill have full anti-static controls, halon and automatic backup generator.

I was wanting comments on by basic plans also.

Thanks Doug

I think I would see if I had any customers before I remodeled. I think a user who is capable of FTP would be able to host his on stuff?

Open user creation as a business plan is an idea. I would likely just have to manually create the ftp user using the WD admin program. My basic goal is manual holding the NAS for customers who get to use the admin program themselves.

FTP as the function for customers is simply a noncontested feature of the WD nas drives. Open anonymous login allows free distribution of content without using mandatory html or cloud applications. Cloud applications are at this time a sore spot. Who owns the cloud? The capacity to use virtually anyone’s cpu time anywhere is an odd structure. Microsoft simply has to make a .net like layer to do this. But nobody else can. Begging the question as to why anybody attempts to make a cloud component.

The cloud datacenters as massive central capacity are just backwards the whole cloud design. So why do they try? Ergo, hybrid-cloud.