Cloud backup to Elephant Drive after April 15th


the communication says that I can not access my drives from outside the network after April 15th.
Does that mean that MyCloudMirror will not be able to backup to ElephantDrive anymore after April 15th?

Is there a special terminaton clause with the ElephantDrive licence for that case?


You will be able to back up anything that is on your home/local network (MyCloud Mirror) to anything else that is on your home/local network (Elephant drive) . The only thing that is going away is remote access…

The ElephantDrive is the supported WDMyCloudMirror solution for a cloud backup. That cloud is not in my local drive, of course.
So, I guess that this is not possible any more.

Will the OS 5 environment offer this cloud backup solution to ElephantDrive too? Otherwise I need to terminate the licence there.

Ah, OK, never heard of ElephantDrive before. If its not a local drive (ie a remote storage system) then no, you won’t be able to access it under OS3. If your drive is a gen 1 device, you’re SOL. If its a Gen 2 device, then you can update it to OS5. I don’t know if OS5 can access the same remote backup systems as OS3…