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ElephantDrive is excited to have partnered with Western Digital on the newly launched My Cloud EX4. ElephantDrive is a cloud backup solution that allows you to backup important data directly from your My Cloud EX4 device to a secure cloud. ElephantDrive comes pre-installed on the My Cloud EX4 and simply needs to be turned-on to start backing up.  Learn How

Since WD is a new platform for ElephantDrive, we are particularly interested in feedback from users like you!  We want to know more about your cloud backup use cases and understand what features you want/need that we can be working on. So, please tell us how we can improve and we’ll get to work! 

Here is what you can already accomplish with ElephantDrive.

  • Automatic continuous backup (set it and forget it)
  • Scheduled backups (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Access older versions of files
  • Archive deleted files
  • Control backup settings or access files from any device, anywhere 

If you need anything, just write here, ping us at, or call us at (800) 778 – 4055. 

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ElephantDrive is a partner with us on the My Cloud EX4.

I’d be interested to know how much it would cost to use Elephant drive to back up the entire used section of the drive array.  Say for example 500 GB initial backup, with incrementals on a weekly basis.

ElephatnDrive offers two types of plans; Personal and Business. Personal plans offer features designed for individual/personal use and Business plans offer more comprehensive list of features. You can see the different plans, pricing, and features here:

Our support team will be in touch with you to help you figure out your needs and the right plan for you.

TIP: Don’t buy a plan for what your NAS capacity is. Look at your current data storage amount and buy the smallest plan that will cover that storge. If you need a larger plan in the future, we can always get you on one. We always pro-rate the amount to make sure you don’t loose any money when you switch plans. Why pay for space you won’t use right now?