Cloud Backup for WD MyCloud?

Hi All,

I’m curious what users are using to backup their MyCloud to “the cloud?”

Thanks in advance - Mike


I believe more Users will provide feedback if a clarification related to the particular "Cloud’ you are referring to is provided. At this moment the WD My Cloud allows to upload files to Dropbox via WD SmartWare, but some users may manually sync their files into SkyDrive or Google Drive by means of independent applications.


Are you asking how someone backs up the data living on the MyCloud device in order to have an offisite copy of that data?  If so I assume you mean to use some backup product like Carbonite or Backblaze or …  Can you clarify if that is your intent?

ZZR-1200 That’s exactly what I was curious about.

I used Mozy when I had a Dell PC with a large internal hard drive. Now that I have a Macbook with a smaller internal drive, I used the WD MyCloud 3gb device to store pics, music and docs.


Backblaze is a great option for Mac users like us, however they don’t support making offsite backups for network attached storage. Local drives only, period. The option to back up a NAS device may come, but I’m not holding my breath waiting for it.

Crashplan has worked for me very well, and I can recommend it. It’s pretty versatile: I use it to back up my MacBook’s drive to the My Cloud as well as CrashPlan’s servers, and I also back up the My Cloud data (excluding that laptop backup, of course) to CrashPlan’s cloud as well. You can set things up any which way, even to USB drives attached to the My Book.

There’s also a fantastic $10 eBook to guide you through the process:

The UI of the CrashPlan app feels a bit clunky… A slick and retina-optimized client it ain’t… But the back end is rock solid: no throttling of bandwidth, economical with system resources, etc… It’s just works. And the pricing’s very reasonable.

Check out my post on this topic here:

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Thanks! That is something definitely worth considering.