Cloud access - read only

I have setup a user for cloud access, I want this to be read only access for now, but the issue is when I sign in with that username etc using files.mycloud,.com no files show up, but when I set it to read / write access you can see all files, surely this is a bug?

Hi Narl,

Is the firmware of the My Cloud is up to date?

Have you tried to change the web browser?

I have tired, chrome, firefox and also Internet explorer, all with the same issue, not sure what is going on.

Just to be clear, did you follow the instructions in Chapter 6 of the User Manaul, on how to set up a User account?

Creating a User
The administrator creates users and may limit their access to shares.

  1. Click the Add User icon (below the list of users) to display the Add User dialog box.
  2. Enter the user’s first name, last name, and email address (optional). The first name
    becomes the user name. If you do not enter an email address, the user will not receive
    an email confirming access and instructions.
  3. To prevent others from accessing the user’s private share, you may enter a password for
    the user.
  4. Click Save. The Set Up Users page displays a profile of the new user, who is listed on
    the left.

Did your user follow the instructions in the email sent in 2. above, regarding the setting up of a account?

Remote access is described in Chapter 8 of the User Manual:

To give the user access to the account:

  1. If the user already has a login, you can update and/or resend it to the user by clicking the appropriate icon in the account for [username] section of the Configure Access page.
    Note: You can also delete it.
  2. If the user does not have a login:
    a. Click Sign Up to display the Sign Up for Account dialog box.
    b. Enter the user’s name and email address and click Save.
    c. In response to the confirmation message, click OK. The user receives the email and must follow its instructions.

Note that the user ID (the email address associated with the User above) and password are different to the MyCloud device user ID (user’s first name) and password.