Cloud access issues

To make this as short as possible,I have 3 MyCloud devices. A 2TB a 4TB and a 6TB The 6 is used to store the safepoints for the 2 & 4. I get a good safepoint from the 4TB finally after 5 years of working to get one. The 2 fails out and the only difference between them that I can see is that the Cloud access screen on the 2TB indicates it’s not connected to the internet (even tho “internet access” says it’s connected and I’m using a browser to access the screen). The 4TB shows it’s connected and the 6 shows like the 2TB … It disconnects from the APP on my iPhone all the time. I’m constantly having to reconnect the devises so I know it’s that cloud access deal not working properly. Looking for a fix to keep these buggers online! I’ve tried static over DHCP I know ports 443 and 80 are open … so frustrating to be away from home network and get NO access. Pls advise

Cloud Access feature has not been working for over a week now. Several other discussions with very little response from WD.

Local access to the My Cloud using a file manager like Mac Finder or Windows File Explorer will still work. One has several options but all of them involve additonal work/configuration on the user’s end. One could enable the insecure FTP option in the My Cloud Dashboard, then setup port forwarding of the FTP port to the My Cloud to enable remote access to their My Cloud using FTP. There are other options like setting up a VPN server on the local network. Some consumer routers (like Asus) support enabling a VPN server within the router for remote access to the local network. Another option is to modify the My Cloud firmware using SSH to enable using SFTP on the My Cloud. Use the forum search feature and search for SFTP to find several past discussions on trying to enable that protocol on the My Cloud for secure remote access.

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