Cloud Access is not working after entering e-mail address

I am having quite strange problem in enabling cloud access. Till the point
I have not connected my account, the cloud access says
its ‘ready’ and the moment I enter an e-mail address it just fails to
connect. I have done all possible things but no luck.

  1. Port Forwarding - done
  2. Static IP selected
  3. Couple of time Factory Reset
  4. Firmware Updated

Still I am unable to get cloud access working. Please help me out guys.

Have you enabled Remote Access via Dashboard > Settings > Cloud Access > Remote Access = On?

Does the Connection Status under Cloud Access indicate: Connected (Relay connection established)?

Does the Network Profile Status indicate: Internet access?

Have you input an email address for the User on the User page?

The general steps for enabling a user for remote access is as follows:
Click on the Sign Up button for the user on the Cloud Access page. A dialog box should appear where you enter in the name and email address. Hit the Save button. A second dialog box should appear indicating that a registration email was sent.

I was able to register myself and also received mail saying the same. But still when I do so the Cloud Access just says connecting and after that it shows Failed. Yes “Remote Access” is on and I have done almost everything in ‘Configure’ option (Auto and Manual Port Forwarding). In General tab it shows that Internet Access is there, but still no luck in connecting to Cloud. The moment I remove my e-mail address it again shows “Ready”…no clue whats going on??

Thank you,

Best Wishes