Cloud Access Indexing Percentage in Web Dashboard ..... where?

So I see this in the Firmware notes:

So where is it?

I cannot seem to find this anywhere. Even after copying lots of new files and seeing the CPU jump up and Fans blowing loud, obviously indexing.

The latest firmware says it has sorted this but it hasn’t. When it does say indexing it does show a % next to the word indexing, but that goes away when indexing is apparently finished as it just says connected or something after that.

However the drives are still doing something as the standby doesn’t work at all & the GB of space you have left is also going down so even though the % disappears I believe it’s still indexing in the background. I’ve had to turn off cloud off as I have lost about 300GB of space

@StrokeGuy2016 after the index has been created, thumbnail previews and transcoding of content occurs until completion.