Cloud Access Disabled: Mycloud os5

issue not resolved yet

while sign in cloud access its showing updating …

On a side note, you have a Caution under the Diagnostics. May want to review that too and see if something there is potentially causing an issue. There is a specific subforum for specific OS5 My Cloud EX2 Ultra issues.

OS5 My Cloud EX Series

As a basic troubleshooting step. Reboot the My Cloud. Also try disabling Cloud Access, waiting a few minutes, then re-enabling Cloud Access.

same issue coming

can you please guide how to fix this

see attach image unable to use cloud access also

My Cloud OS 5: Failed to Create Cloud User or Cloud Access Updating Message

And what does the Diagnostic error on your Dashboard indicate?

resolved . thanks for the support

Post how you resolved your issue to help others who may experience what you experienced.

1.check the time date and time format on my cloud device .
2. Make sure date format is DD-MM-YYYY format.
3.change the Lan cable then restart the device after 15 min then check login the device .

I have the same problem. No access to cloud with WD My Cloud gen2 for several days. Nothing has changed. In the web interface from the local network, on the tab “Configure cloud access” - writes “failure”. I tried off access to the cloud, and now I can’t log in with an administrator account.
If I log in with my account from the page - the device is offline.
Please tell me how to solve the problem.