Cloud access connection

I have a my cloud storage for a while now.
works good with a lot of hassle, but I’m now stumbling on something what I don’t know haw to fix and ask for others to help me.

I wanted to share some files to my friend what in the past was no problem but now he could see the files what I sent him on his mobile with the share option on my pc.

I try some things and saw that my cloud access was offline.
with some searching and doing they say turn off on remote access will fix it.
now I dit that and with some days waiting he is still “Trying to establish a remote access connection…”
maybe somebody els can help me with this and fix that I’m able to send files to my friend again.

@rexmen Try powering OFF and ON your network router, wait a few minutes and then reboot the My Cloud.

Thank you for your commend.
I have try this couple times and there didn’t seem to be any deference.