Closed Captioning?

In reference to this thread which got locked for no reason - wasnt done discussing. Handbrake is NOT a solution.

Yeah I am well aware about handbrake and CC. However handbrake converts CC into SRT and puts all the text into the middle. This defeats the purpose of having closed captions specifically for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Zillions of DVDs (mostly older ones) have CC but no subtitle tracks. So why should I spend hours encoding them? (Also this wont give me the orginial CC, I dont want CC in the middle).

I want to keep this format, see example image.


This helps me identify who is speaking what, etc.

This is not trivial to add CC support into WD live products. Linksys DMA 2200 (quite old) supports CC. Newer technology should support it.


gambitz wrote:
Zillions of DVDs (mostly older ones) have CC but no subtitle tracks.

I have yet to see any or is it RC1 only? In any case, this feature can also be done with Vobsubs (idx/sub) which is the standard format on DVDs. Monk e.g. does this positioning, some DVDs also with different colours for each actor. Dunno about CC to Vobsub conversion though.

Hello. Yes CC is on R1 only because Europe uses different format for text. They use TeleText. In North America they use line 21 VBI code to pass CC data to the TV for decoding. However, HDMI blocks VBI, so the STB and Players has to read the CC data and overlay it as bitmap for transmission through HDMI.

This is what I’m asking for CC support on WD Live Hub and other WD products.

Unfortunately, there is no way to convert CC to vobsubs. I did ask the creator of CCExtractor for this feature, awaiting his reply.

This app extracts CC and preserves their formatting into SRT file, (adding spaces, etc) however, media players could not recognize blank spaces and put them all in the middle. Grrrr…

Anybody has a solution? One solution I have is to add tiny code to perform CC overlay on WD live hub.

(Colour texts are common in Europe but not in North America, truth be told, I dont like it. I’m not accustomed to it. I like postional texts).