Closed Captioning?

Bravo WD on releasing a new product WD Live Plus. I do wish they take the time to develop a means of displaying Closed Captioning from recorded TV and from DVD files (ISO/Folders).

Please tell me that this will happen soon!

Yeah, most DVDs have Subtitles instead of Closed Captioning, but some do have it!

Go check the Ideas Lab to see if that’s there.    If it is, vote for it.   If not, add it.


Can’t the Live display CC tracks from ISO rips?

I often put the CC tracks onto my MKV files from my DVD rips in Handbrake (because a lot of times they are cleaner than the subs, which are image files).  So that’s definitely doable.  I also have put CC tracks from my TiVO recordings (again, using Handbrake).  The Live plays all of these just fine.

Really?   That’s good to know.   I wasn’t aware of this; I pass over CC tracks when Handbraking.   I Just take the VobSubs.

Good to remember for the future!

Yes, so Handbrake can do this – for the original poster, you might want to know this.  If you take your DVDs/TV files and run them through Handbrake (freeware) using the High Profile preset, output to an MKV file, and go to Captions and add the CC tracks you’ll be just fine.