Closed Captioning through HDMI?

Hello I am very interested in this product however I cannot find this information anywhere.

I wonder does Closed Captioning work through HDMI? I am not talking about English Subtitles or SDH (Subtitled for the Deaf and Hearing Imparied), I am talking about Closed Captioning please google the difference if you are unsure. CC is hidden and will display if TV settings have CC on “CC1” or “ON”.

Anyhoo, please can somebody test this on their TV through HDMI. To test, look for DVDs which have the “CC” symbol on it, play it either by ripping to HDD or via modrom. Does letters with black background show up on the screen according to the voices and noises?

Please report back the results before I decide to purchase this or other products.


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I cant find a way to edit my post above.

I asked this question because it is a known fact and proven that HDMI does not carry CC stream through HDMI hence the new trend of having subtitles called SDH (Due to blu-ray and HDMI issues). Long story short. Any decoder box have to extract CC stream and overlay this on the video stream so it will pass through HDMI as a picture stream similar to subtitles.



So my question is, does WD Live support this feature? If not, will WD please support this in the next upgrade? Thank you.

I can’t tell you for sure. But I’m fairly certain that it does NOT do what you want.

It does of course play different kind of subtitles, like srt and idx sub etc. That can be placed next to the files. But that is very different from CC.

Thanks for letting me know.

I just realized that there is a simpler way to check if WD supports CC, is there any option to enable CC on the WD menu or settings menu? None? Then it doesnt support CC.

I guess I will not purchase this product and advise our deaf community to hold off from purchasing this product until WD provide this feature in the next upgrade.

I will keep a close eye on this thread. WD please read this thread and do something about this. It’s not hard to enable CC. Alot of consumer devices have this feature - my Linksys DMA 2200 supports CC. Learn from each other :slight_smile:

For more information see this link: