Closed Caption and Dolby Digital 2.0 ch Pass-through!

I’m very happy with the WD TV Live  Box, but  there is one little thing give me sadness.

No Closed Caption signal out.!!!

Please belive me , this function is one of the most Important thing for lots of people.!!!

(Please instruct your software decoder for the present of Line24 data.  );

Why the Dolby Digital 2.0 ch Stereo sound track is transformed into PCM 2.0 ch sound in Digital out???

I’dont know the logic behind this.!! (People without DD receiver there is a Stereo Analog out)

AC3 5.1ch  pass-through on Digital out  (Normal)

AC3 2.0ch  converted to PCM 2.0ch on Digital out  (it is not normal)

                                                                                                             1. Extra D/A/D transfer in the box (Quality loss)!!

                                                                                                             2. With the PCM transfer, Loosing AC3 Flag data !!

I’m missing something?

Please keep up the god work, and  make me a beliver!!!         Thank You Very Much!

I’m sorry for my English!