CLOSED - Accessibility from Interent STOPPED?

Hi. Have recently noticed that MyCloud accessibility from Internet has stopped and I am only able to access it from the home network. I thought this was to happen in April. Is anyone facing the same issue?



I am not aware of anything happening to the My Cloud Home in April, I may be wrong.

My Cloud OS3 End of Service | Western Digital

As per notification from my cloud, 15 Apr 22 is EOS for being able to access it on Internet. But mine has already stopped…

Dear Parabir_Singh

The notice for EOS on Apr 15 is for My Cloud OS3 only, not My Cloud Home (this forum) and has not occurred yet. If the device is on OS5, this EOS date does not affect it.

More information can be found here:

Support for your My Cloud and WD Cloud device is changing

If you need further assistance, please open a case with our support team at:

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