Cloning to a new drive

I am using a set of “my Passport” drives (2Tb) to clone my Mac internal drive by using CCC software.
I would like to use WD security to protect my passport drives but I am weary due to the following reason and would appreciate your comments:

  1. Let’s say that my Mac internal drive gets a catastrophic failure and that I need to change it for a brand new drive.
  2. Because of the continual changes (updates & upgrades) in Mac OS (I am currently set with Mac OS 10.11.6) the only disc I still have is the original OS X, all my successive upgrades having been done on-line. It would be therefore difficult to follow-up with the whole Mac OS improvement versions to come up with the same 10.11.6 version cloned with my contents onto my WD passport drives.
  3. I am wondering therefore of what would happen if I were connecting a secured passport drive to a brand new internal drive which either does not have on it any OS or one which is not compatible with the latest release…
  • How would I unlock the WD “my passport” drive in order to start the cloning?
  • Will the new Mac internal drive requires an operational system to “see” the WD external drive when it is connected to allow me to enter the password and unlock it?

Many thanks All for your comments.

Hi Markeran ,

In this case, you just have to use the same password which you use to encrypt your WD My Passport drive.