Cloning parameters

i have an 80gb hard rive, and i want to replace it with a bare 250gb drive.

when using acronis, what do i select as data transfer mode?  as is, proportional, or manual?  if manual, i don’t know what to select for “free space before,” “partition size,” and “free space after.”

anyone know?


sorry, but that was of no help.  i have looked at that document which spurred my question.  it is not clear what to select. 

for example, it says “as is” transfers are not recommended as they leave a lot of unallocated space on the new disk. Using the “as is” method, Acronis True Image WD Edition transfers unsupported and damaged file systems.

so could u indicate what to set the parameters to, given all i want to do is clone the 80gb drive to the 250gb, with the rest of that new drive useble for other things?