Cloning my system from one volume to another

Hello everyone, this is my first time here and I am quite new so sorry if I do something wrong here.
I have a NAS server, particularly the WD MyCloud EX4100, with 2 RAID1 volumes on it.
I have 2 volumes currently-
Volume 1- two 4TB Drives running on RAID 1
Volume 2 (the new and “empty”)- two 16TB drives also running within RAID 1

I’ve come to the point that Volume 1 has become full so I added the new 16TB drives on volume 2 to extend the system storage capabilities
I’d like to migrate one of my current shares to volume 2 to clear out some space for other shares I need on volume 1

I’d like to know how can I CLONE that share to volume 2 so it would appear and function exactly as volume 1. I am talking about files, attributes, dates, data, etc…

Copying it through file explorer \ finder will change the folder and some file dates and that’s something I want to avoid. I need an exact clone of the data.

1st: Don’t do any of what I recommend without a backup.

Step 2: Replace 4TB Drive 1 with NEW 16TB drive A.
Step 3: Wait a long time for the mirror copy of data from 4TB Drive 2 over to 16TB Drive A
Step 4: Replace 4TB Drive 2 with NEW 16TB drive B.
Step 5: Wait a long time for the mirror copy of data from 4TB Drive 1 over to 16TB Drive B.
Step 6: Do a “Raid expand” to enlarge the volume from 4TB to 16TB.
Step 7: Pull both Drive “A” and Drive “B” and place them into the new NAS.
Step 8: There may be a step to acknowledge you are doing “Raid Roaming”; I believe default is not “raid roam”.

NOTE: This does not copy share/permissions and settings configuration. I believe there is an option to copy the configuration to a seperate data file you can migrate to the new NAS.

Couldn’t really understand you tbh. I am not migrating to a new NAS.
I have 4 slots on my EX4100 System.
the first two are 4TB drives in RAID1- that volume is full

So, I got new drives. 2 16TB drives also running in RAID 1- They’re empty right now.

My plan is to Clone one of the shares within that 4TB \ Volume 1 to the new 16TB \ Volume 2.
once all data has been transferred and it looks EXACTLY AS IS, i’ll delete that share from volume 1 to clear out space.

So I Don’t have any backups right now so I can’t really understand what you said there to be honest

Also, I need the share permissions and settings configs too…

oh ok. . .I misunderstood.

In THIS CASE, you do the same steps, stopping with completion of step 6.

Essentially, this is the SAME procedure you would follow if one of the drives goes bad. You replace the drives one at a time; and the raid hardware/software copies files from older drive in the box to the newer drive you just inserted. HOWEVER; for a straight “mirror replacement”; the volume size will remain 4tb - - - - until you tell the system to do a “raid expand”. The expand command is only applicable once BOTH of the larger drivers are in place. (Think about it: If you have one 4TB drive and one 16TB drive. . .you can’t mirror more than 4TB… . .so the raid volume is 4TB. Once you have two 16TB drives in place; the system can recognize that you have a bunch of free space; which you can “claim” using the “raid expand” function)

Since the NAS box is not changing; you don’t have to worry about copying configuration settings.

Once this is done; you can insert the old drives into slots 3&4. You probably will get a “raid roaming” message; which then will (I think) present you an option to reformat the drives; or “Import” the drives (with all the data) as “Volume 2”.

A note: You really are putting all your eggs in one basket with this NAS; you really should have a backup of the data. There are many ways to lose all the data on all the drives;

  • Rogue firmware update
  • Virus
  • fire
  • User error

I would take the two 4TB drives and put them in a safe deposit box - - - → They can become your backups :slight_smile: You should then buy two additional drives as “volume 2”