Cloning laptop drive

Recently, my laptop popped up a message that the hard drive was failing, so I bought a WD Blue as a replacement, and a SATA-to-USB adapter to use for cloning the old drive (which has all kinds of hidden partitions that I’ll probably need if the problem becomes more serious than it currently is). Unfortunately, the Acronis crippleware that WD provides doesn’t recognize the drive when connected via USB, and so won’t install. Is there any way to get this software to work with both drives, and clone the old to the new?

(More to the point, is there any reason to fight to get this software working instead of downloading and using Macrium or Easeus instead?)

Format the new drive first in NTFS if using on windows, or using MAC format in file system (Mac OS extented journaled) .
Reinstall the software Acronis and delete system file from the C:\ drive
Install and run the software again.
check the drive under DiskManagement or DiskUtility drive is visible or not.
Start cloning…

Thank you for your response, but I don’t think you understand the problem. The WD-specific Acronis installer refuses to run when it can’t find a WD drive, and despite the fact that Windows recognizes both drives, Acronis apparently doesn’t find it when the WD is connected via USB - and I can’t swap drives because then I’d have no OS to boot with.

Maybe Macrium might be the way to go. I bet the USB adapter is the issue of the drive not being seen as a WD drive. Many USB adapters create an ID of their own and cause the manufacturer’s ID to be blocked. This MIGHT be the problem Acronis is having.

If Macrium sees the new drive make an image of the old drive with Macrium and a bootable rescue media and be done with it.

If it was me…I would just do a fresh install of Windows on the new drive and call it done, but I have all my data backed up all the time so it wouldn’t hurt too much to do that.

You can use Macrium but possibility that you are facing is drive is not detected under Acronis software. Might there is problem with USB adapter.
Try Once with Macrium if drive is shown make a image of drive