Cloning a 2TB HDD to a 3TB HDD

Does Cloning a 2TB HDD to a 3TB HDD make the 3TB HDD an 2TB? What are good programs to use?

Although not the proper forum for this kind of question, here you can compare some of them, from either

As for the 1st part of you question, depends on the software.

When I copy files from a lesser capacity drive to a higher capacity drive, I just COPY the folders from one drive to another. It is that simple. (Unless there are reasons to make it more complicated than that.)

If you are using windows, there is the DOS command called robocopy, and others that can get the job done.

This is basically an operating system question and not a “WD drive” question.

i personally like and use this one … and yes, it Free

just click ‘Disk Copy Wizard’ then ‘Copy Disk Quickly’ then you can adjust the partition size

What are good programs to use?

Personally I use Gs Richcopy 360 ,it is quick and simple , Also I recommend Carbonite and Duplicati

and expensive.

According to the provided features via Gs Richcopy 360 and the performance compared to the other similars , like Carbonite and GoodSync , it was the best choice and affordable price for us.
And for Duplicati, it is free, has good performance but has low features, which make it ideal for specific available needed jobs