Cloning 2tb hard drive makes my 6 tb hard drive 2 tb?

So I am trying to replace an older 2tb hard drive. I have a 6 tb Western digital when I clone and it tells me it will expand the data area it does not I end up with a 2 tb clone of my old drive and I cant expand the partition It does wrap the main partition with 2 restore partitions should I not copy those?

I’ve cloned/upgraded a few hard drives in the past (no expert) i’ve never done a ‘sector-by-sector’ clone (which sounds like what you’ve done) …only a ‘system files and data clone’ which the software i used expanded the partition of the drive for me automatically and was able to upgrade a hdd filling the entire partition.

Off-topic … is the 6TB drive gonna be used as an OS Hard drive ?

If so, i hope you’ve checked your PC/Laptop supports booting to “large hard drives” ie UFEI support on your MOBO firmware.