Cloned WD drive will not Boot

Cloned WD10EALX 1TB Blue to WD1003FZEX 1TB Black on a WIN 10 PC
used ACRONIS 1.8 WD version.
Cloning took a couple of hours and completed.
Made it the boot disk in BIOS with and without the old drive connected

Drive will not boot. All I get is a little blue circle that occasionally flickers as though something is happening,
Left it running overnight but still no boot.
Properties indicate MBR sector and all the data appears on the drive.
The HD controller is Intel.
Both drives are connected to SATA 6 ports and are without any jumpers.
Am I missing something other than my sanity?

This is why I don’t clone. New drive, new Windows install. No problems. You can always connect the old drive on a USB adapter and copy the data, you pictures, videos and other files, to the new drive once you have Windows installed.

Anyway, if you have access to a PC that is working make a Windows Repair disk and boot from it. When the menu appears select Troubleshoot Then select Advanced and then Startup Repair. It might fix it.

Here’s a video

I have a similar problem with a Windows XP clone. Since I can’t boot from the cloned drive, I have it in my computer as a second hard drive, so I know it’s working. In WinXP you can go into Disk Management and see the status of both drives (Boot drive, system drive, Active drive). So I know that my second and new cloned drive isn’t marked as a boot drive. I haven’t done it yet, but the next step is to find out how to set it as a boot drive…I’ve done this before but never with a cloned drive so I’m flying blind at the moment. But that’s a suggestion for a starting point for you.

Google “dual boot windows 10 and XP”. That’ll get you going.

Also there are 4 great forums with tons of info and tutorials for ALL versions of Windows.

You can learn a lot there and the members are very helpful!

Thanks for listing those 4 forums. The WinXP one, at least, shows a lot of participation…many replies to individual threads. It’s a great suggestion.