Cloned WD Black - Acronis Extended Capacity Manager - Where is it?

Cloned 2TB BIOS/MBR Seagate to 5TB WD Black.using Acronis True Image WD Edition.

Booted WD Black

Ran Acronis True Image WD Edition

Only 2TB is available.

Doc says to run Acronis Extended Capacity Manager to allocate entire disk space.

I cannot find or run Acronis Extended Capacity Manager. Where is it?


– Thor

Hello, your problem was that you created a clone of a MBR disk, that’s the reason why it doesn’t work, what I would do is write zero to the WD Black then backup the Seagate using Acronis backup to create an image backup, this will need to be done to an external drive after you format the WD Black using GPT, you can restore the backup to the WD Black and it should boot from it.