Clone WD Drive to a Hitachi drive

I need some help please, I have My Passport HD that I use for back up (mostly) my photography and movies.

I have a old external HD (hitachi) that I would like to clone the firmware from ‘my passport’ into the other I have an app ‘SuperDuper’ also a ‘Carbon Copy Cloner’, can someone shear a suggestion ‘how to’?

I have try to clone just the files on my passport to the other and like to put a password like I have in ‘my passport’ any help please?

You can’t clone the security from the Passport to the Hitachi. The security is built into the Passport enclosure. You would need to find a 3rd party security software to protect the Hitachi.

It looks like you using both drive on your Mac OSX system? I believe Mac OSX has the option to encrypt the drive