Clone HDD w/o internal CD drive, How do I?

I have an HP Mini and would like to clone its drive to a larger WD drive.

How do I use the Acronis-WD software to create a bootable (USB) stick. How big do I need?
I have an external USB dock and an external DVD (USB) drive.

Will a bootable CD created on an HP Pavilion boot the Mini using the USB-DVD external drive?


Hello, the bootable recovery disk from Acronis will only need roughly 500 MB, so I believe that with a 1 GB USB stick you will be having.

I do not know about booting using a CD from a different computer as they tend to have the Windows license key embedded, however to confirm you should contact HP.

I don’t see a need to create bootable USB here. You can clone internal hard drive to WD drive directly after installing WD drive to your HP. Acronis will do sector by sector clone so you want to pay attention to the capacity of both drives. Change the boot setting in BIOS after cloning or remove internal drive to see if you have made it. If the WD drive is smaller than your HP drive, try another cloning software like Aomei Backupper that supports intelligent clone (clone only used part) to do this job. Regards.