Clone 2 tb working drive over 2 tb bricked drive

Will a sata offline cloning dock properly copy from a working 2tb Mycloud drive to overwrite a bricked 2tb MyCloud drive that is identical ? Thanks for any help…

in what way was it bricked?

Brick from bad sectors, brick from software screw-up, “other”, ??

This is important to the answer.

If “bricked from bad sectors”, then a direct sector copy wont work, because it will try to write onto the bad sectors. (You would need to do a zero-fill operation, cross your fingers and hold your nose, and hope that the drive’s integrated electronics correctly promotes replacement sector allocations from the reserve track to cover the defects, which if you DONT do first, the drive will have to try to detect the write onto a defective sector on the fly, and you risk it not catching it properly, and having a dodgy drive afterward.) It is not always a given that bad sectors will have been reallocated from the reserve track. (Especially if there is pretty extensive damage, such as from the drive getting dropped, as the reserve track might get exhausted, and there would still be bad sectors un-reallocated.)

Brick from software screw-up, Yes-- should work. There might be some issues with using the MyCloud online service, as the same unique device SN will be cloned onto the unit getting the clone-job. That unique number is how the WD server farm keeps track of which MyCloud is Which. You would need to preserve the existing unique serial information (IIRC, it is also present as a NAND stored config option, and could be re-obtained even after a clone job wipes it from the drive) and poke it back into the system again for cloud function to work as expected I think. But otherwise, “yes.”

“Other”— Depends on what that “Other” happens to be.