Clock wrong this morning: Daylight Savings Time setting not working

The Daylight Savings Time setting is not working this morning. I live in EST. My WDTV Live Hub did not adjust for the hour fall back. My settings are: UTC-0500 Eastern Time (US & Canada), Daylight Saving On. My device has the latest firmware. I tried a device restart, but still it showed the wrong time. Finally, I toggled the DST setting to Off to get it to reflect the correct time. If I change it to On, it shows an hour ahead.

I believe that is as designed. Many devices do the same thing. If you have DST turned on, it means you are currently under Daylight Savings Time, and it adjusts for it. If you have it off, it means your time zone is not currently using Daylight Savings Time. As of this morning, we are no longer in DST, so it should be set to off.

The Nav display in my car works the same way - this morning I turned DST OFF and it displays the correct time.

Well, yeah, that’s the way it’s supposed to do it.  :)  It doesn’t do it automatically. 

Turn DST OFF to go back to Standard Time.

Thanks. I guess it would make too much sense for a DST setting to adjust this for you automatically :-/

Why even have a DST setting if you have to turn it off manually?

cstrait001 wrote:
Why even have a DST setting if you have to turn it off manually?

So the clock will be correct!  :)

All the WD is doing is fetching UNIVERSAL time.  

It doesn’t know where you live, or what the laws are where you are.

I know what you’re saying. But if the clock on my Windows OS, cable box and my cell phone can figure this out automatically, why would an advanced device like the Hub do the same? I want to set it once and forget it.

And I get what you’re saying, too…  It is possible, it’s just not implemented.  ;)

Your OS does have all time laws world-wide.  Windows does have that, and that’s one of the files that’s updated frequently.

Your cable box and cell phone are quite different.   They receive LOCAL time broadcasts through the cable and cell phone towers.  Cable companies never operate across timezone boundaries, so it’s easy.   People who live near time zone boundaries often have problems with their phones’ clocks if the tower their phone is registered to is in the other zone.  :)