Clock Display on Home Screen

Hey Everyone…

Is there anyway to disable the “clock” that is displayed on the “Home” screen?  I have a couple of very nice analog time pieces in our living room and just don’t need a “digital” messing up my custom “Home” page…

I did look in the on-line huge manual and searched all forums and only found this one by joeysmyth.  

joeysmyth if you are reading my whinning will this help???

Is it Apple iMac compatible???  Is it OK for the new WD TV???

Any tips???  If it is risky I’ll just look at the ugly %$#@ clock instead of blowing up the perfectly working WD.

If anyone else knows how to “nuke” the clock fire me the info…

Mucho Thanks…

if I recall correctly there’s some settings you can change about this

or you can always make a quick theme edit to remove that item from the xml

BetsyMePoocho wrote:

Is it Apple iMac compatible???  

Is it OK for the new WD TV???

Any tips???  


1)   If Apple iMac supports *zip* format …  Yes  (but don’t un-zip the file)

2)  It should be  (sorry, i don’t own a new WD TV)

3)  Follow the install Instructions

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Worked like a champ!!!  Yo-da-man!!!

Hey, you don’t have the new WD???  Pull out some of your old moldy money and get one.  Other than NetFlicks it is great.

BTW, we live in Baja Sur (Mexico).   Our internet provider is Hughes Net (**bleep**) which streems at less than a MPS and we are only allowed 475 MB per ‘rolling’ 24 hour time.  Needless to say we don’t do much streaming.  It’s just hard enough to do e-mail, a little web surfing, and some music.

So, NetFlicks in not an issue…

Thanks again for the work you put into the assistance…

happy to hear it worked for you … thanks for the feedback :smiley: