Hi I am slowly getting to grips with my live duo , i have a few questions about the Wd2pro app for iphone.  First is when you clip a file, what is this doing to the file?  Can i only access this file when clipped through the wd2pro app?  I think that when a file is clipped i can use it without wifi or 3g coverage as it has downloaded on my phone.  ALso when i go to open with or email link the only app i can open a file is with iMovie.  Is there any other apps I can get that would allow me to use the file esle where.  Reason I am asking is that i would like to use the files ie music ones for ringtones etc.  Or has apple managed to copyright all this so that you only use their files in itunes library?  Also when listening to a music file on the iphone it plays good but when the phone goes into sleep mode it stops.  Would be good if it kept playing just like music does in itunes to save battery life.  Anyway hope someone can point me in right direction, thanks.

AFAIK the files are available online…

Now about the files playing with other apps… you might need to see in the iPhone settings since it might be default to play on iMovie

AFAIK the files are available online… ???