Clicking WD My Passport Essential

My Passport Essential was disconnected from a PC without using the Windows HW safe removal utility.  When reconnected, the scan utility launched and froze near the end of the scan.  At this point, when I connect the drive, it starts up and is recognized in My Computer but then starts a continuing cycle of a running disk that ends in a click.  I’m in Windows 7.

Is this a data recovery situation or is there a less drastic fix?  Thanks.

Try with another cable, not longer than 18 inches, you may also try using a different computer and make sure the cable is connected directly to it.  If the issue is not resolved you may take it to a data recovery specialist, and contact WD to have the drive replaced,

  1. Check WD pasport essential on another computer  if it is not work then 2) change the usb cable then attach to pc if its work then problem in ur cable or not work then problem in ur WD