Clicking on Network Shares/Media Servers does nothing

I have network files shares that are hosted off of my tp-link router that I can access through any device windows\linux\android.  I have my wdtv live connected via ethernet cable and can successfully access the internet.  I have updated the firmware to the latest release but still do not see anything when I click the Net Shares icon.

I have seen other posts where people see the option to browse, but I do not see any pop-up/modal windows showing any computer names.

Any suggestions?

There is no pop-up/modal window.

If your network is set up correctly and the WDTV Live (+, hub or whatever) is in the same Workgroup as the other computers/sharing devices on your network then when you choose Video>Network shares you will see a list  of devices with Network shares.

If you do not see the other devices with shares on your network then-

  1. Check that your WDTV is in the same Workgroup as the other devices (BIG NOTE- Homegroup is not the same as Workgroup)

  2. Turn off every device on your network, then power them back on starting with your router, then computers, then finally the WDTV.

so the wdtv can only see shares within a particular network name such as WORKGROUP?  What if I’m using a Network file share that comes from my router or NAS.  In this case it’s [\192.168.1.x\Movies](file://%5C%5C192.168.1.x%5CMovies)…

According to the documentation, it should be able to see them and prompt for credentials.

I’ve got other computers here as well and some of them are part of domains.  Is there a way to manually configure the mount points via SSH?

Yes the WDTV can only see shares in the same Windows workgroup. The workgroup name does not have to be WORKGROUP, e.g. it could be MYNETWORK. But all devices on the network MUST be using the same workgroup name. That is how Windows workgroup networking works. And if if is set up this way it works.

Also another BIG NOTE- Windows Workgroups are not the same as Domains. Workgroups work, Domains and Homegroups do not.

You cannot configure mountpoints on the WDTV.  All share discovery by the WDTV is done via Windows workgroup networking.