Clicking noise

when i turn on my hard drive it comes on but its making a clicking sound like a cd is skipping and its not registering on my p.c

What drive and OS are you using? If it’s a USB powered drive try different ports without a hub and anothher cable if possible. If it’s a powered drive plug into a different outlet without surge protector.


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it has a usb and a power cord but its not showing up on my pc sombody told me it might be the mechinical arm if so is it fix able

if the drive is clicking, and doesn’t show up in disk management, then it has most likely failed.  if you need data off the drive, you will need to do data recovery.  however, if the drive isn’t getting enough power it might click, also.  disconnect the data cable, plug the power adapter directly into a wall outlet, and see if it spins up without clicking.  if it does, then plug the drive back into the pc to see if it shows up.  if it doesn’t then it’s failed and needs to be replaced.

I have the same problem with My Book Live; after the power went off one day it stopped working and now it makes a funny noise. The light looks like a yellow, not a solid green at all. Does this mean I lost all the data on the drive? Can i get it replaced? 

I am so mad, I have only used it for one month. Paid so much money to lose all my family photos in an instant…?

first of all you should be spanked for having all your important photos on one drive.  :smileyvery-happy:  when the light is yellow, it means that the drive is trying to boot.  it could be because it needs more power.  trying plugging the drive directly into the wall to see if that changes.  however, since you had a power outage, it is possible that you got a power spike that damaged the drive.  if the drive doesn’t start up when you plug it into the wall, then it’s most likely failed, and you will need some kind of data recovery.   if you don’t care about the warranty, you could pull the internal drive and put it in a linux computer to see if you can access the data. 

how do i do the data recovery

you can find a list of data recovery companies on wd’s support page.