Clicking noise, blinking light, no connection

I have a 1.5 TB WD drive (F0020HBK) that has been singing along just fine.  Recently it started making a clicking noise.  When I unplugged it from my laptop this last time and replugged it back in, the laptop recognizes that I attached something to the drive, the initial auto play menu pops up, but then after I click out of that, I get nothing.  It just freezes my computer and nothing further can be done.  On the occasion that I can pull up “My computer” it is not visible as being attached in that USB port.  The WD drive just makes a light clicking sound and the lowest light is blinking.  Not even half the lights light up like they did before.

I’m wondering what I did to bring this on so that I prevent it from happening with my new 2TB WD drive and if there is anyway I can get in there to recover my January photographs.

Any ideas?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks.

The clicking noise means one of three things

not enough power= try connecting the drives power adapter directly into a wall outlet not a power strip

bad data cable= try changing data cables

drive failure= RMA which means if your under warranty replace it or contact a data recovery company to recover data.

I’ll go try those solutions.  Thanks!

it appears to have been the data cable!  Thanks!

Although, it’s still making the clicking noise so I’m going to have it looked at but at least I can access all my information now before I take it in.