Click on "Pause" but video continues to play

Hi guys Today I updated my WD TV LIVE device to version 1.04.22 in the hope things are better. But sorry, no. I’m still having playback issues, especially this one is weird: Always, each time, after few minutes of smooth playback, the video begins to stutter and when I click on “Pause” it doesn’t pause but continues to play. 10 - 20 seconds later it finally pauses and when I click on “Play” the playback is smooth again for a short time and stutters again. I suspect an issue with the buffering but don’t know how much the device can buffer. My network settings are very clean and I have set up all static IP addresses and assigned a WISH rule for the WD device with the highest priority. Should be fine but it still stutters … I’m not so sure if WISH or RIP will ever make a difference? And one more thing I found out in my router is that the WD device is dropping plenty of incoming TX packets. No idea what this means. Mabye a hint for you tech guys? Hope anyone can explain these strange playback issues and answer my other questions. Thanks! Michael

How are connected to your network - WiFi or cable.

What videos are you playing and is it every video or just one or two.

Hi richUK Thanks for your time. Yeah, my WDTV device is connected to a Bridge by cable and from there WiFi-connected to my router and to my PC. Here the picture: WDTV <-LAN-> BRIDGE <-WiFI-> ROUTER <-WiFi-> PC The issues I’m having happen to all movies, no matter what format. Can you help me further?

So has anyone an idea why this is happening?