Click and drag files to WD Live Hub

Hi…I love my WD LIve Hub but am finding it very frustrating to operate. All I want to do is click and drag movies from my desktop computer to the WD Live Hub but cannot seem to do so. I dont want to use twonky or anything else like that…is there a way to do this?


I meant drag and drop…

I believe that you can use play to in windows 7 but its not really a drag and drop device.

If you’re trying to add files to the internal drive via Drag & Drop, you can do that.

Just open a window to your Hub:


And just copy or move files over to that window.

I assumed that original poster wanted to drop files onto say a WD hub icon and instantly play them.

Just a general set up question. Have you set up your media hub with a lan cord to your router/moden which is hard coded [I assume maybe wireless] to your computer / laptop? 

One more thing have you set up you directory “Z” using the program WD Discovery cause then you use Explorer to transfer files. This is what I did.

got it!

thanks for the help!


Better than drag and drop, why you just don’t make folder sync with your PC/Laptop

very simple way to transfer you newly arrived movies to the HUB.

From your HUB setting choose sync from network and choose the movies folder (or any other) on your computer this it will sync automatically once the folder have new content.

I found it pretty good.