Clear out full harddrives (DL4100)

I set up a DL4100 (w/ just two mirrored 6TB drives) to be both a TimeMachine backup and a remote file store with two separate partitions. However, I forgot to set limit on the size of the TimeMachine backup, so it’s now filled the whole drive and stopped mid-backup.

As there is no swap-space left on the drive I can’t seem to delete files by mounting the DL4100 on my Mac (or at least it’s very slow) so is there another way to clear out the drives so I can reformat the disks and start over? There are some files on one partition that I would like to keep if at all possible.

Thanks in advance for any replies!

Just go directly to the NAS and delete the TimeMachine partition and recreate it. You will need to turn on TimeMachine to that partition after re-defining it.

I have been having problems lately myself where TimeMachine keeps filling the NAS. Even if you limit the size, the backup fails stating there isn’t enough space on the drive. It seems to fail to delete old backups. I have niot reached out to Apple for support.

I gave up on Time Machine and just use Acronis to backup to the NAS.