Clear Network Login ID

After struggling with firmware 2.01.86 and the issues it was causing with not recognizing Windows Shares I tried using some of the suggestiions in this forum and one of them was to clear the network login information.  I finally found a rollback firmware version that worked and now it recognizes Windows Shares.  Now the problem is that it wont connect because it is looking for the correct username and password.  The User Manual says the password is PRESET.  I assume this is done by WD at the factory??? because I have never entered any password or username (Username defaults to Anonymous)  Question is how do I get the preset password back again or do I just enter a new password at the Device Security option?

There are no share passwords preset from the factory.

The default is “Anonymous” which means (none) and a blank password.

Hi Tony

So if there is no preset password at the factory and the username is Anonymous (which is a blank) then I dont understand why I am getting Invalid Username or Password when Shares tries to connect to the PC.  I have not set up passwords.  Another WD glitch?

First: I don’t know this device, but concluding from similar situations: Did you try to type literally “PRESET” - It could be the preset password.

You are misunderstanding this statement in the manual.

Clear Login Info for Network Share.

Use this menu to clear login information (preset password) for the network share.

What that means is if you had entered any preset password then it would be deleted and revert to the default which is basically no password.

Page 30

Logging in to a Network Resource or Online Account

When accessing a network resource, you need to enter in the user name and password for the device or account using the on-screen keyboard. In some cases, a default anonymous login displays if no password is set for the device. When this happens, accept the default login, select , then press OK.

If you have entered anything in the box in the past, then you need to clear it and then connect to the share without altering anything in either box. In fact just clear it anyway.

You don’t seem to fully understand using passwords with the WD, so read the first post here. 

How to resolve Network shares access problems 

It fixes these sort of problems for folks, assuming the player is working correctly and other parameters are set correctly.