Clear and start over?

Thanks to everyone’s help, I think I have this device and converting files figured out …I think…

Now, I have a mix of files types (experiments, etc) ont he HUB and want to wipe it clean and start reloading with folder, specific file types, etc…what is the best & easiest way to reset to ‘factory fresh’ ???

Thanks to all for the help and Merry Christmas!

I would assume that re-formating the hard disc would be the quickest.

Thanks Rich - I am not real tech savvy - how would I do that?

Setup / system / disk manager / click the WDTVLiveHub / select FORMAT.

thank you Tony

Tony  - if i do this will it remove EVERYTHING? (moochi,etc)   Will I be able to turn it on, etc? I know once I reformatted my PC and I had a horrible time (no backup disk, etc) …thank you

It will only delete your files, not the operating system or anything necessary to make it run.