Cleaning External Drive

I just cleaned my desktop and begin wondering about cleaning an enternal HD. You can’t open case to see anything or the warranty is void. I wonder what is best just a can off air and not use the tube and blow out what is loose of a vaccum cleaner? 


Very nice question indeed!!!

I mean, I can keep the drive healthy, but to clean it I use a paint brush and dust off the port and air vents over my drives :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasn’t to keen on the aircan since you can’t see and the circuit board is delicate. With the tower opened up you can see where you are blasting. I don’t recall seeing anything about cleaning external drives anywhere. I know dust build up can really cause heat to build up.


It is true that the most of the external drives cannot be opened

  • you will void the warranty opening the case and unmounting the drive -

but in some cases you can open the case without voiding the warranty