Clean OS (Debian), OpenMediaVault and other "firmwares"

Whats more, it only does something in slot 2, nothing in slot 1

For some reason, the native recovery algorithm does not start on your device. :thinking: I think, you don’t have other way than use the UART cable.

You can write the letter to official WD service centre with describe the situation. May be they will answer you something good…

2 méthodes:usb et linux
ne marche pas avec le WDMyCloud EX2 ultra
recovery no good?

Ok - my french is far from good, but I will try:
Qu’est-ce que vous avez faites?
Moi aussi, j’ai installé Linux, et maintnant, mon NAS ne mache plus.
Quel version vous avez téléchargez? Avez-vous installé un kernel different(? ;-))?

Hello thejack
-moi aussi il est bloqué
et j’essaie de remettre comme d’origine

-J’arrive a communiqué avec putty ( telnet) et mon nas est visible sur le réseau( PC-177 )

-J’arrive a partitionné le HDD

mais ça ne marche pas :sleepy:

@fox_exe Have the EX2Ultra but currently have OS5 installed and can’t find a way to downgrade. Tried following the instructions and loading the firmware to switch from Wd-Debian but just keeps saying firmware failed. Anyone know how to get it loaded?

OK, I have it booting linux again (Just reinstalled Linux on a fresh disk)
Horray :wink:

Now, how to I reinstall the orginal firmware? :slight_smile:

Again - I am sorry for my frensh, it used to be better:

Si vous avez telnet, tout est bon. Follower cettes instructions:

Can anyone share with me the original copies of
/dev/mtdblock1- /dev/mtdblock5

I have overwritten the backup partition, and I cannot find a copy elsewhere.


Hello I need help please I am at a loss. I have installed on the ex2 ultra debian buster with Linux kernel. 4.15.0-rc6 from fox. Now the hdd is running in spindown but if I mount the main harddisk Partition in fstab or manually the hdd is always written and does not go into spindown.

I have installed omv.

/dev/md2 ext4 nodiratime,noatime,commit=60 0 0

go to telnet write;

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mtdblk1

Prepare a USB drive with files “uImage” and uRamdisk", download from;
format USB fat32, place files in a folder you create named “boot” (I also placed copies of files outside the folder).
With USB attached, depress the reset button with a tooth pick and apply power to the My Cloud
Hold the reset button for forty seconds and then release.
Locate the new IP address, I use “Advanced IP Scanner”.
Browse to the new IP address, and the “Recovery Mode” WebIU will display
Upload the correct firmware from Western Digital.
After it reboots, scan for new IP address again and login by browser.

ne fonctionne pas chez moi

English please. If you cant acess to telnet. Connect the 2 hdd to your pc and delete or format partion md1 (Middle partition)

Avec quel erreur? Vous avez le NAS “MyCloud EX2 Ultra”?

Vous êtez (etes? :-)) sûr que vous avez le IP de le vrai device?

Est-que que vous pouvez nous donné le resultat de “uname -a” et “whoami”?

Again - can anoyone here provide me with the original state (the original firmware) of /dev/mtdblock1 to /dev/mtdblock5? I have forgotten to back them up

Device: MyCloud EX2 Ultra

Can you explain to me the procedure to install the original firmware (step by step)
thank you
(Google Translate )

usb stick in slot 1 or 2?

Tout est bien :wink:

C’est comme cela devrait être, dd remplit le device /dev/mtdblk1 avec des zeros, et a la fin, dd quit avec un erreur.

Continuez avec le guide, tout va vera (vera/etre?) bien.

Une question: Est-ce que vous pouvez me donner vortre version de /dev/mtdblk3, /dev/mtdblk4 et /dev/mtdblk5 - s’il vous plait? C’est le “Recovery Firmware”, j’ai perdu le.

Et pardonnez-moi pour mon francais, je suis autrichien :smiley:

hello austrian

the files are here -----> usbrecovery.tar.gz

sorry speak google traduction

Merci, mais ces files ne marchent pour moi, parce que j’ai perdu /dev/mtdblck3

Est-ce que vous pouves me donner avec le?