Clean OS (Debian), OpenMediaVault and other "firmwares"

Set for Recovery- is “A set for recovery” (For maintenance and other useful things).

Hi all,

first of all thanks for your effort :slightly_smiling:

I have one question regarding the Clean OS, if i install it, I´ll have the WD web gui and the apps working? What version of WD gui is installed?

With a clean OS I would install plex server, right?

Thanks in advance.

@piki No! The WD web gui will not be installed. You can install “OpenMediaVault” instead though. I don’t know if you can install Plex Media Server but I presume so.

Is it possible to uninstall OpenMediaVault? I find it easier to set up everything from the commandline. Or do I have to do a complete reinstall?

@MitraMai, many thanks for the response. I feared it…

Can I install clean Debian this way on WD My Cloud EX2?

The instructions here are for a clean Debian build targetted at the basic MyCloud Gen 1 hardware.

EX2 is a different hardware platform, so will need Debian building for that platform.

Does it exists? Might be somebody can give me links )

Since this subforum is primarily for the single drive My Cloud units you may want to search in the dedicated My Cloud EX2 subforum, or even ask over there if anyone has a clean Debian that can be installed to the EX2 unit.

Perhaps I should begin the company on Kikstarter to buy EX2, Gen2, etc. to make a alt. firmwares for them?
… or somebody will give me for a while the device for experiences (I promise not to break)?

By installing clean Debian or another, are the original firmware is changed?
The restoration in the event of blockage seems complicated to me, so I would avoid changing the firmware.
Thank you in advance.

Its really hard to “kill” our device.
if you got “brick” - simple reupload firmware to internal HDD (Read instruction in header of this thread)

So I justi nstalled the clean debian OS. Can I install from the normal debian repository or do I have to use your 64k repository?

Clean debian = “normal” debian (for armhf cpu’s), so you can install anything from official Debian repository using apt.
For WebGUI use OpenMediaVault or WebMin.

So, i have my nas setup 90% the way i want it. All features work better than stock except remote acess. I cant find a solution to accessing when i am not on my lan.
Need something wife friendly as she uses it somewhat. I was thinking to setting up sftp port forwarding on my router but that may not be too secure and def not wifey friendly. Any suggestions? I tried owncloud but i couldnt get it to use the data partition. Im thinking btsync or the like but that seems more like syncing files across devices,
i just want to acess my nas shares and upload files if need be. Somewhat similar to what wd offered stock.

justin_schnee, what fw you use?
In DSM you can use “File station”.
In CleanDebian and OMV - FTP access, rSync, OwnCloud (Yes, need little “tuning”) or any File manager for web (Apache/Nginx + PHP or similar)

Im on clean debian. No omv. I have transmission, nfs, openvpn, samba, and webmin installed. So how would i get a web filemanager working? Mount sda4 to the www folder? I tried mounting sda4 to owncloud and it didn’t work. Would be great if it did.

Unable to connect in ssh once past recovery mod. I used the method “Boot recovery from HDD”, but I’m at the door of WDMC.
Ip default is for WDMC and I’m the green LED lights. “No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused.”

Network changed, re-detecting Static Interfaces…
Accept Failed, WSAError 10038
Warning: Section [LISTEN_ON], Interface is not Static, ignored
No Static Interface ready, Waiting…
Network changed, re-detecting Static Interfaces…
Lease Status URL:
Listening On:

And in the window tftp, nothing …

With first recovery method :
Error forwarding UDP DNS Message to Forwarding Server

Hello everyone. I’m still following this thread (I have Mirror) and I still would like a clean install of Debian (or alike). @fox. Is there maybe some Linux distro which will work native already on the system? I do not care if I maybe lose some performs due to a heavy system or something. Maybe not Debian but something else? I’m getting more and more familiar with working with Linux shell. I have an Ubuntu Server running which I configured myself.

Would there be alternatives to installing an other Linux distro? Also, fox, would your manual work for the Mirror (installation other Linux) and – if necessary the unbrick manual? Could I just take out the drives and install an prepared drive? I have external USB - SATA connector for 3.5" already. Would like to hear from you guys. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction?

Take care!

I installed fox_exes clean debian w/o OMV. It works great, i have better performance. Clean debian has pretty much nothing installed except ssh server, so you can build it up how is fit for you. Installation was a breeze.
Follow the instruction provided, put files from the archive onto your public share folder and run the install script and that is it.

This is how I am running my cloud. I manually installed samba, openvpn, nfs server and webmin. I get great performance out of it.

I doubt another distro is available for the device, and debian runs nicely on it.