Classnotfoundexception error

My cloud works fine at home but when I try to acess from my work computer with Win 8.1, I get a classnotfoundexception error.

I have the latest java loaded but it just doesn’t work

BTW: my iphone app works fine from outside the home network

What software are you using to access it from your work computer?

I’m trying to go through the wd site.
Internet explorer
And safari too

I’m really confused.  The is a partner program site.  It has nothing to do with the My Cloud drive.


1CoolZ71 wrote:

Well, that explains it.  Actually, I had similar issues.  There could be several things causing this, not the least your company’s firewall.  As a matter of fact, WD2go might not even work any longer with the My Cloud, since we updated the software to the My Cloud App. 

Some things to do:

  1. Make sure that you are using the latest firmware update on the My Cloud  –

  2. Uninstall the WD2go Desktop App –

  3. Download and install the WD My Cloud Desktop App  –

Let us know how it turns out.

I installed the desktop software at work.

Says it cant connect, but it does show my unit at home.

I will check my software update on the cloud unit tonight when i get home

Excellent.  I would make sure to read all the instructions for how to connect the My Cloud app, also.  I don’t have the drive, so we’re kind of coming to the limit of how I can help.