Clarification of the speed limitation

It’s make sense that the speed of the My Cloud limited to my internet uploade speed and there is no way to connect the device dirrectly to my PC?
If so, the device almost useless with this average speed of 5MbPS.
If not, can you please guid me how to release from the limitation of the upload internet speed?

What specific My Cloud device do you have? Or do you have a My Cloud Home? The My Cloud Home is not the same as a My Cloud device. The My Cloud Home is a completely different device with different options and features than the My Cloud line.

For local network access to a My Cloud device that has been properly setup (connected to the local Gigabit capable network router using an Ethernet cable) one uses Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder for access. There is no need to go through the “internet” for local network access.

One can connect a My Cloud directly to a computer that has an available Ethernet networking port. If one’s computer does not have a Ethernet networking port one can buy an Ethernet adapter (USB to Ethernet) to facilitate such a connection to their computer.

When it comes to remote access to a My Cloud one upload/download speed is limited or influenced by a number of factors. These factors include the broadband connection speed (both upload and download) at each end (the remote computer, and the My Cloud), it can be influenced by QoS implemented in the network router/firewall at each end, it can be influenced by the internet itself if there are any network issues between the remote client and local network My Cloud, and it can be influenced or limited by the My Cloud hardware (hard drive speed, network port speed, etc.) itself.