Clamscan is killing dl2100 totally

I have scheduled a weekly scan with Antivirus installed on DL2100, but that is killing the whole device:

Clamscan is using 99% of the CPU for several hours.

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I your Dl open for Public access from the Internet? Do your clients not have AV?
Why do you need AV on the DL?

Adding more ram may help or simply schedule scans for your sleeping hours.

As you can see, it has 5gb ram, all that it can take.

Mercy. How many instances is Clamscan starting?? I’ve never used it so I don’t know how it works, but are the number of parallel threads configurable?

it is pretty much on or off, no options. to me it seems to take too much cpu time (100%) and not running it as a background process. not sure how healthy it is to load your cpu fully occupied for hours…

i turned it off for now…

I also have a DL2100 and use the free approved app called Anti-Virus Essentials that WD suggests in the App section of Dashboard. Just install it from Apps there. I have never had a problem or issue. I run it late at night (3am) so it doesn’t get in they way when using NAS during day, because it takes a while to do a full scan.

this is the same app, the process is called clamscan =}

Interesting, does it also affect the speed of the device?

Interesting. My Anti-Virus Essentials’ clamscan process uses about 10% of the CPU and about 4% of my 6 GB of RAM. However, only one clamscan process is running. I wonder if you might have an error in your scheduling times?