ClamScan is a Scam

The Anti-virus essentials application is utterly useless and I uninstalled it. It cannot complete a job, whether you manually start a scan or schedule one. WD tier 2 support’s only solution is “it is a third party app so we do not have any responsibility for it”. It cannot keep up with the storage capacity of the unit (oh no 8 TB’s it can’t handle it boo hoo. Stupid program). For me, it always stops scanning at 29% even manually, and yes, I have reinstalled it several times. I was hoping for an efficient Linux-based virus scan and it is a total waste of time. I will be scanning our drive with my computer left on overnight using ESET because the DL is incompetent.


We have passed this along to support. Someone will contact you soon.

Seems this ■■■■ has never been fixed.
My cloud ex2 ultra that I’m unfortunate to own has been killing the discs for weeks, 24/7, day and night.
I got sick of being hardly able to login to web console (so slow response time) and having dial-up speed when backing up photos from My Cloud iOS app when on home WLAN.
This is so ■■■■ ridiculous, tortureware apps…

I enabled SSH access, and after googling around suspected this Wdmcserver
/etc/init.d/wdphotodbmergerd stop
/etc/init.d/wdmcserverd stop
didn’t reduce 70dB disk crawling at all.

I ran atop command and hit d (credit to
And that was it, five clamscan process eating up >90% CPU.
Went straight away to web console -> Apps -> Anti-Virus Essentials -> set run app to OFF.
20db now.
Going to uninstall another piece of tortureware provided by WD for keeping us happy with the NAS device.

The only thing I allow ClamScan to do is to periodically scan the system. If I need to scan a share or part-of then I always do it manually and a one off.

I am disappointed that most of the apps just don’t get updated by the people who put them on the WD store. The only app that gets regular updates is the Plex media server and those need to be downloaded directly from Plex’s web-site and manually installed.