Cisco E4200 Router & My Book Live 3TB

Hi, am thinking of getting a 3TB My Book Live to use with my laptop & iPhone thru my Cisco E4200 router, just wondering if anyone has this setup ? What’s it like ? Any thoughts or advice ? What wifi speeds can I expect ? Any help would be great, thanks

The MBL has a gigabit port, the wireless speed will depend on your router.

Ok, thanks for that, I’ve checked out the MBL’s specs, but just wondering what experiences people have actually had and what speeds they get using a MBL on wifi ? Thru a Cisco/Linksys E4200.

Hi, I’m running a 2TB MBL with my E4200, fed from Comcast through a Motorola SURFboard SB6121 cable modem.  I have a number of devices on the home network, but thus far my MacBook Pro and iPhone 4s have been transferring at a wireless high of 72.2Mbps and a low of 57Mbps.  I believe that the latter is due to distance and network traffic (large house with three kids and a tech-dependent wife).  I’ve recently started using Netgear devices that emulate a wired system via/through my home electrical system and have achieved 100Mbps consistently.