Cisco e4200 & My Book Essential 3 TB


I attached MyBook Essential 3 TB to the USB port of the Cisco E4200 and although it detected the drive, now the size is shown as 700 GBs in Windows 7.

When I browse the disk, the folders and files are there but file sizes are set to 0. I ran TestDisk and it gives an error message:

Incorrect number of heads/cylinders 1 (NTFS)  ! = 255 (HD)

Incorrect number of sectors per track 1 (NTFS) ! = 63 (HD)

Has anyone else experienced this problem or can someone help me resolve it?



Is the router compatible with the drives larger than 2T? On some other equipment it isn’t.



It is my fault to attach it without checking but I did install the latest firmware before attaching the drive.

It looks like the router changed the settings of the HD - is there a way to put the original settings back? I have not written to the drive so I hope the data is still there on it.


I too got a bit “hasty” and attempted to connect a WD My Book Essential 3TB drive to my Linksys E4200 about 2 weeks ago. I had checked the “compatibility chart” and did not find the drive listed but then I figured that since it was a new drive there might not have been enough results compiled yet to publish the results. Prior to connecting the drive, I made sure I had the latest firmware levels on both my drive and my router. I got the same results as the previous commenter. The router saw only 768GB of the 3TB drive and when I disconnected from the router and connected to my pc an error message appeared that said the data was corrupted and I needed to reformat. I attempted to reformat the drive (losing 1.7TB of “copied” data) but I was also surprised to find that I was only presented with a 768GB partition in my disk utility window. My recovery efforts to reformat back to a 3TB partition were in vain so I took the drive back to the store where I had purchased it and replaced it. I like both the drive and the router but did not have a good experience with the marriage of these devices. Hopefully a new router firmware update will alleviate this incompatibily soon.