Circuit Board

Hello, please bear with me as i am new to this and i am sorry if it is in the wrong section.

I have a WD Caviar Black  (sata) 1TB drive, the circuit board has blown and i am looking for a replacement board.

The model number is :  WD1002FAEX-00Z3A0, i do not know what the firmware is as this is not visable on the label it is only a few weeks old. But has loads of data on it (important) which at the moment cannot be accessed as the drive is dead. can anyone point me in the right direction as to where to purchase a board, is there a way of finding out the firmware?

cheers for now


You would have better chances if you try a data recovery company, I have been told that WD voids the warranty on the drive if it is opened and I tried to get this information once and they provide none for this reason. Data Recovery Partner from WD web site was my final option and solution. 

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i dont want to open the HDD just want to replace the circuit board (controller board?) that is underneat the drive just to confirm that it is actually the board and nothing mechanical i have not got 1000s £ to spend on a data recovery centre.


I understood, You should look for that part online using a search engine, I tried to find that from WD when that occured to me and that information is nowhere to be found. That is how I ended up looking for a cheaper data recovery company locally.

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