Circle with Red X at start up what do I do?

I bought a refurbished player for Christmas, when I plugged it in with my HDMI cable, player to TV, there is a black screen with red writing in lots of languages, but it looks as if it needs some type of update…but how does this happen?? I can’t seem to understand how this thing works. I thought as soon as I connected it I would be able to watch my movies from a USB am I wrong? Any help would be so, so appreciated

If I recall (and this is the same screen I am thinking of) this occurred sometimes on older model WD TVs when a bad or incompatible HDMI cable was used. Do you have another cable or two to test with?

Also could you post your model number (NOT your serial number - those should never be posted publicly) as there are different behaviors on different units. Also a picture of the screen (a cell phone shot would be fine) would be helpful so everyone is on the same page.

Sounds more like a corrupted Firmware Update to me ? :neutral_face:

@JoeySmyth - if the screen you just showed is the one they have, you are most likely correct. I’m thinking of a simialish looking screen on (much) older model wd tvs. That’s why I asked for the model number :smile:

The picture that someone, (thankfully) put up… that’s the exact screen I have. As for the model number, it says C3H on the bottom.
I’m not a huge PC person, but I know if someone told me how to put the firmware on the usb,(after extraction) I could do it. Which firmware ver. am I going to install? There are 2.

I’ve had two WD TV’s (one last year, and one this), Jeanine. Their model numbers look like this:
Underneath the WD TV unit the model number follows after the letters P/N (P/N for product number).

WDBGXT0000NBK-UESN is a WDTV Live Streaming (2011) [Latest Firmware 2.02.32]

WDBPUF0000NBK-EESN is a WDTV Media Player (2014) [Latest Firmware 1.02.17]

these devices use different firmwares

So, Jeanine … we need to know exactly what device you have so, we can try to assist.

I returned it, my experience is if it don’t work outta the box, best to get one that does. Just took it as a bad bad sign. Thanks for the help. I am getting another one…hopefully I’ll be ok but I might be back.