CIFS is supported? I think no

I think smb is ok, but I tried in several way to works with cifs in android gs3 and linux without success.

In the wdmycloud specifics cifs is claimed as supported, but it seems not supported .

CIFS and SMB are the same thing in this context.

CIFS is the more recent Microsoft implementations of the SMB protocol.
Samba, which is the open source implantation, also uses CIFS protocol.

I have no trouble connecting via my Asus TF700 or any of my Linux systems.

What trouble are you having?


I am not an expert

If you use android peraphs you know cifs manager.

Any idea how I have to set this screen?


I have My music folder in Public/musica folder

I tried in every way to make cifs manager working, but nothing

That first line is wrong… It needs to say x.x.x.x/Public, not x.x.x.x/WDMYCLOUD.

CifsManager hangs on launch in my phone.

i.e. use es file explorer in android and lubuntu for linux.

In es file explorer open lan add new server set domain(name) server (lan ip for MyCloud) user and pass ok and would be able to browse MyCloud folders from android phone.

In linux as easy to type smb://LANipofMyCloud in any file manager and accept  it works.

No, also with xxxxx/public don’t work.

I tried

Ok I have solid explorer and works like a sharm, but I need to work with cifs manager becouse, with my music player the created cifs directory is seen as a normal folder by the player…

Anyone tried Cifs manager?, you have to root to use it